Moisture Monitoring for Paint Prep

We begin every exterior painting project with an examination of moisture levels, especially when painting exterior wooden surfaces where paint failure has previously occurred. Application of paint to a substrate which contains excessive moisture is by far the most common cause of premature paint failure, according to the National Coatings Institute of Washington, DC.

Wood buildings hold a considerable amount of moisture, originating from the inhabitants, plumbing,  ground surface vapor and roof, gutter and other building envelope leaks. If not vented off, this moisture is easily sufficient to cause “blistering” of paint and failure of the finish. A moisture meter allows the identification of problem areas so that remedial action may be taken before painting. As shown above, getting a moisture reading on wood siding.

The Color Alchemist Company never needs to guess whether the moisture levels within a wood or masonry substrate are low enough to hold paint, we simply take a moisture reading. Just one more way that we insure the durability of our paint finish.