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Mural Painting

Do you have an idea for adding a scene to a wall, or for a mural?  Allow us to help take your ideas and make them a visual reality.  The murals and other decorative elements shown here are from members of the International Salon of Decorative Painters (of which Color Alchemists Company of Painters is a member), meeting in Oslo, Norway.  These muralists do not have to go on-site in order to produce work for your home or business.  Murals can be furnished on canvas or paper and be glued or otherwise fastened to the wall or ceiling.  We hope that the following works will inspire your imagination...

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Garden Murals, Mediterranean Landscape Murals   Garden Murals
Garden Murals, Mediterranean Landscape Murals

A truly classical subject, the Meditteranean garden has inspired artists and builders for millenia.  

Trompe L'oeil, Faux Painting   Trompe L'oiel
Trompe L'oeil, Faux Painting

Green trompe l'oeil architecural column, gilded capital.  

Faux Architectural Elements, Urns, Garlands, Cartouches   Faux Architectural Decoration.
Faux Architectural Elements, Urns, Garlands, Cartouches

The architectural traditions are rich with classical details for application to any surface.  

Circus Murals, Animal Murals   Elephant Mural
Circus Murals, Animal Murals

This great and sympathetic beast was the work of over 30 artists!