About Us

Under the Auspices of St. Luke, Patron Saint of the Ancient Painter's Guild

St. Luke, Patron Saint of Painters GuildsThe Color Alchemist Company of Painters was founded by John Learnard in the ongoing tradition of the ancient painting guilds of Europe.  A native of Washington D.C, John Learnard began his career apprenticed to master painters John Reed and Bill Condrey. For the first two years he was not allowed to touch a paintbrush, spending all of his time in sanding and prep!  As he advanced in skills, he determined to learn everything that the trade could teach, to his capacity.  He made multiple trips to England and was instructed by the late Bill Holgate, considered the world’s grand master in the application of faux finishes.  John also studied with other European teachers, Mike McNeil, Robert Woodland, Gilbert Downing and Don Grey, to name a few. 

The Color Alchemist Company of Painters operates under the auspices of St. Luke, the patron saint of the old painting guilds, represented by the sign of the bull.  He encourages us to remain humble enough to always learn something new and diligent enough to always apply what we have learned.

A Last Word About Quality:  Fine Paints of Europe

Finally, a word about materials.  For the best, longest lasting paint film possible, we use the best paint available:  Fine Paints of Europe, manufactured in Holland.  Cutting corners on paint quality is a poor economy because paint is such a relatively small part of the overall cost of an exterior finish.