Historic Restoration

Performance and Value in Historic Restoration - -Washington, D.C., Virginia & Maryland

The Color Alchemist Company specializes in historic restoration. We understand the needs of historic buildings, and know how to produce repairs that meet or exceed the original work. Our extensive skillset includes woodwork conservation, replication of wood trim, matching and recreation of historic finishes, and wood window restoration. Our historic building restoration carpenters are experienced in addressing the repair of structural and finish wood elements, as well as historic structure millwork, including pre-standardization mouldings.

We can repair any original woodwork to soundness with epoxy, or replace it, whichever offers the most reliable repair. To be sure of performance, we always use marine grade fasteners and rot-resistant spanish cedar and mahogany. The extra cost is a small price to pay for insurance against failure.

Of all the architectural elements in a historic building, wood windows are the most vulnerable. One of our specialties is restoring wood windows to sound condition. We remove all paint, and if we find any unsound wood, we replace it with architectural grade epoxies. If it is not possible to restore the original work, we replace the damaged wood with new parts, milled to match the original from durable species. We then replace all historic glazing with salvaged or reproduction glass, selected to best match the original period.



The ability to reproduce unique period millwork in short runs and on short notice is critical to the success of any historic restoration project. Often the extent of woodwork repair necessary is known only as the project proceeds. We just added a Woodmaster Moulder Planer to our shop, and can now produce accurate custom moulding profiles more quickly. Whether your project needs 10 feet of historic moulding or 1,000 feet, we can match it exactly and deliver it quickly.